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The SPO targeted universities and businesses through a campaign on three crooks

The Justice Department is prosecuting two Americans and one Nigerian
With some expenses for their fishing, i.e.
Since May 2013, the university has targeted employees, banks and other companies
Until June 201

Recorded on Tuesday in the United States. This district court in New Mexico, charged
Defendant was identified as a Nigerian citizen in Otukere on Sunday (aka).
Hulak Yun and Charles Quartz) and Samantha Almodovar in the United States and
Ardarari Bias, is also a university student
University of Mexico and Southern Illinois.

The DOJ stated that the three had received help from three unknown individuals
A group of conspirators, including another UN student. And two inhabitants
China, behaves like a mule with money. There are at least a few anonymous exceptions
Forget the plots, load land in one place.

The indictment alleges that three men were sent fishing
Submit at least 1 university and three healthcare systems,
Get at least 0 employees Click Get to open them
For fake websites with fake login screen. Think about them
By legally logging in to an employee’s account, goals are logged into their account
Salary and password. Defenders will be used
This ID is used to access and forward victim accounts
Electronic payments on mules are finally connected to the internet
Basis for Nigeria.

Federal prosecutors on Sunday identified El Modover and Bay Keane
Bank fraud, number of theories related to bank fraud, no
Computer fraud, identity theft, two lawyers
Some schemes for phone fraud and money laundering.


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