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The TA505 band made the mistake of showing AndroMut worldwide

Updated July 1, 201.

The TA505 Internet Security Team appears to have launched anti-counterfeiting campaigns last June.
Many countries use the newly downloaded Android application

Both campaigns include links to download victim emails, as well as Microsoft Word and Excel files.
Blog post on July 2nd
If ProofPoint is enabled, the attack on these files will be managed by the National Circle, issued by the Mexican Command.
The activation and flame of the Android device were used. Amy followed RAT.

The second campaign is aimed at South Korea, and others want it.
Singapore, United Arab Emirates and
“In any case, they have taken advantage of it, despite the obstacles we can hardly imagine.” “”
Requests for financial information in the form of invoices
Payment or plan

ProofPoint reports that Android, written in the C ++ programming language, connects to the C2 server to distribute HTTP
Both Android and Cutloader seem to share rules and features with malware (though researchers have not described it).
Believe above)

Andromatosis is also involved in the immune system
Sandwich boxes, cell phones and miscellaneous items
Owner. And depending on that, it happens from one to two
Staff: Design the work of the creators
Enter LNK How to go on sale or register!
Describe the status of the evidence.

At this rate, in June 2019, it entered the number one position of the company.
The United States, the United Arab Emirates and Singapore seem to be the main targets
Some TA505 are motivated to monitor economic behavior,
The verification blog is ready. Download Andromate with it
The TA505 comes with a price tag and a fire extinguisher
Pets have a wish for winter 2019.


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