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The Telegraph accuses China of carrying out DDOS attacks during demonstrations in Hong Kong

darknet The Telegraph accuses China of carrying out DDOS attacks during demonstrations in Hong Kong
Darknet The Telegraph accuses China of carrying out DDOS attacks during demonstrations in Hong Kong

Updated July 18, 2019

The telegram shows state-approved Chinese artists
Service denied after attack (DDOS) yesterday
Pay for his server during the Hong Kong protest.

Telegram suffers strong attack from DDOS users
Consumers in the United States and some other countries may feel the same
Union Edition, encrypted messaging services encoding [
June 12 at 4:20 in the morning. About an hour later at half past five in the morning.
The Telegram posted an update on Twitter stating it is happening
So far stable.

Telegram CEO Pavlo Durov was asked on Twitter if Telegram could identify the source of the fake DDOS distribution:
[He threatens an IP address from his personal Twitter account
It is mostly located in China.

Hong Kong, China’s border with the United States has become clear
Receiving the proposal in March last year with the riots
Which means that it’s about time for the most selfish story of the year, too
Hong Kong in China and other parts of China. – No way.
The city sees the law as a way for the Chinese government to control it
Local director.

Opponents are often found in groups like Telegram
Efforts of the system without governmental control include:
DDOS attacks prevent them from accessing this platform.

In general, the state’s largest legislature, DDOS (i.e. 200-400 GB / s), we hear about Hong Kong protests.
(Especially on phones). The case is no exception, Durov wrote on Twitter.

The bishop said in a press release that Pavel Durov of the telephone had no doubt that the Chinese government would attack the
telephone. lawyer and email. This is not the first time China has used robots
He added that DDOS attack sites will attack GitHub in 2015, according to local experts.
In China, things or characteristics become law.

Bischoff told Telegram users that they could not use the service.
You should try to use a VPN to connect to other countries.
Your TelegramGo connection is not available through the sender.
Some VPN solutions allow you to use your phone on the ground.
China will reduce it.

This type of government census is a computer weapon.
Internet access is blocked, says Mark Skilden’s trainer.
Warwick Business School This is not a special occasion.
The attack was distributed to ISP and NSP networks.
The service provider is not the caregiver. Telegraph
To counteract barriers and barriers

New technology should be used to prevent such attacks
It is impossible to put enemies in front of the net.
The Chinese government controls and accesses the network
At the same time, there are many communication networks around the world
Use it but I think it will be perfect
Invasion, Skilton continued to research and design.
Machine safety but we don’t know how much it is
Internet attacks end up on the network
Many fake applications are considered for telegraph users.
Services. This has been a warning sign for many days.
A service that acts as a set of attacks for a specific purpose


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