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The telegraph accuses China of DDoS attacks in the HC demonstration

darknet The telegraph accuses China of DDoS attacks in the HC demonstration
Darknet The telegraph accuses China of DDoS attacks in the HC demonstration

Updated July 18, 2019

Telegram quotes approved artists from China
After yesterday’s DDoS attack (denial of service)
Due to the protests in Hong Kong, they are covering their servers.

Currently, there is a powerful DDOS attacker that uses telemetry
Some users may have experience in the United States or other countries
“Connection problem” is the answer to the encrypted messaging service.
June 12 at 4:20 a.m. Approximately one hour later at 5:15 p.m.
The telegram announced this in a new Twitter post
At least at this point it is stable.

Asked if the Telegraph could find a fake source of DDoS traffic, Telegram CEO Pavel Durov said.
[If your IP address is insulted, you can use it via your Twitter account
Located in China.

China, a private sector in Hong Kong, has created ordinary people
The law was passed after the riots in March, he gave the order
This can make it difficult to return.
Congress of Citizens of China and other regions of China
The city sees politics as a way for the Chinese government to work.
Regional agencies

Opponents often use features such as changing phone messages.
Their efforts are not regulated by the state
The disadvantage of DDoS is that it allows you to use this device.

Previously, all DDOS players (200-400 GB / TRAS) were present during the demonstrations in Hong Kong.
(Attached to the foot of the telegram) The case is nothing else, Durv said.

Pavel Durav of the TelegraphCECE is not crazy because he thinks the Chinese government is following the telegram, says Comrade
Paul Bishop.
This is not the first time that China has developed a weapon for China to fall asleep to comments through a
He added the problematic DDOS-related sites, citing attacks on GitHub in 2013. According to experts, the site continues
There are links or links to banned links in China

Bishops users who do not have access to the service, the bishop said
You need to use a VPN connection to communicate with several different countries
Through a server that is not connected to Telegramcos
Some VPNs allow you to use local telegrams.
The biggest censorship is China.

This type of attack is a form of censorship on the Internet
According to congested professor Mark Skilton, Internet congestion is limited
Warwick School of Business. This is not yet a special technique
Cyber attacks are spreading through the Internet ISS and NSP
Suppliers. Fixed encryption cannot be protected on any cable
Different traffic rules and traffic sizes.

New technology is needed to curb such attacks
The preliminary enemy of traffic is impossible
If the Chinese government has control and access to this network
Right now. Alternative telecommunications networks appear frequently
That she is used. But I doubt they will finish the race perfectly
Attacks, research and advice after Skilton
Internet security. However, we do not know if it is full scale
Isits cyber attack is a complete cyber-attack
Some elements were used to work with the telegraph tape user
Service. This can lead to more accurate deliveries
Serve multiple attacks against specific targets.


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The biggest job I’ve ever seen. Managers ignore them all. Good for the Empire business.


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I can attest that the Emperors market drop is a hoax. B @ Primords What will happen to these people!?!?


Stop using other links you missed. He’s left with a fake ass. Use the common link. Offgare. The reason The second link works, it doesn’t… Read more »





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