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The telephone has accused China of carrying out DDOS attacks on HK resistors

Retrieved July 18, 2019

The Telegraph reports that part of the Chinese leaders have been fired by the government
After resigning yesterday (DDOS)
The distributor crashed after an incident in Hong Kong.

Today, under the powerful influence of DDoS, telecommunications operators are ready
Some workers in the United States and other countries can find it
Communication Issues, Tweet Information Services [
June 12 and around 4:20 pm, 5:15 pm
The Telegraph says there is an update on Twitter
Strong, a little short.

When asked by Twitter users if the Telegraph could identify the source of the DDOS traffic fraud, Telegel chairman Pavel Durov
[From his Twitter account, but the IP address is annoying
First in China.

Hong Kong, an autonomous region of China, has political experience
Harassment after the release of this document in March.
This will facilitate the repatriation of suspected criminals to Hong Kong.
Both mainland China and other Chinese countries. Citizens
People see the law as a gateway for the Chinese government.
Soil analysis.

Protesters are often aware that they use television programs such as telegrams.
Their efforts in such a way that the government did not find, but what
DDoS attacks prevent them from accessing the product.

Historically, the entire DDS format is the largest in the world (200-400 g / s), which we see in Hong Kong magazines.
(Posted by @telegraph). In this case, there are no exceptions.

Paul Bischoff says TelegraphCEO Pavel Durov is not crazy because he believes the Chinese government is important to the
telegraph. attorneys in an email comment. This is not the first time China has seen an underground network.
Websites with DDoS attacks are another GitHub attack in 2015 called the Expert Website.
Contains content or links banned by China.

According to Bisoff, Telegraph users will not be able to use the service
Try using a VPN to connect to some other countries soon
Your connection is to an internal telegraph server
Attack Some VPNs allow the use of a telegraph on the continent
Censorship is widespread in China.

The government is investigating these types of attacks using cybercrime tools
Online traffic will be blocked, said Mark Shilden, an intern here
Warwick Business School. This is not a unique technology
Network attacks distributed by ISPs and online NSPs
From them. This is a very strict rule in a telegraph
Traffic status compared to protocol and traffic altitude.

New technology is needed to prevent such attacks
I find it difficult to write a review in front of the internet
If the Chinese government can control and access these networks
Nowadays, another communication network often emerges
Use it. But I have no doubt that they will be ready
Attack, Skiltons takes advice and asks
Detecting cybercrime However, we do not know how it is spreading
Efit Web Attacker was an attack on all networks. Probably
Other scams have been used to defraud telegraph users
The service can be a signal to reject this high quality product
The service acts as a separate attack for a special fee.


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