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The Tor browser is officially available on Android

Updated July 18, 2019

The latest Tor browser (8.5) is available
first as an Android port. The alpha form
was introduced as the first test in 2018, but this time it is close to the market
you can install the variable type.

This is to provide privacy policies for browser users
and to an unknown smartphone or tablet, such as a computer
inhibition of intelligence and control. When I work in the office
without performance, the browser has extreme stability and security.
Obviously, iOS users should not take a breath on Apple-approved devices.

As already mentioned, Tor has been relying on network traffic for more than a week
The pop-up drivers for Tor are thousands of delivery systems
requests information about the offered network
used to identify a person. The Tor network allows users to record this
Failed to identify personal information (IP address, country)
he went to different places. As a result, they are currently being implemented
with Firefox and its systems.

The show has grown into a special choice for American creatures to love
With this, the Ministry of Homeland Security escaped from the situation
It has grown somewhat like a loving flower
Illegal activities (arms sales, drug trafficking).

You can download the browser for free on Google Play [


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