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The transition to the largest global Trojan program to change European standards

Updated July 18, 2019

Rilto t-shirt, originally aimed at Russians
After some adjustments, the photos were taken on European market.

Malware changed traffic by 4%
Low prices in France and Italy, Ukraine and the United Kingdom,
According to the June 25 report, 90% of the population lives in Russia
Kaspersky Blog [

Riltock distributes the infected units via text messages as a mystery
Free advertising applications Free advertising in Russia. Victims usually receive them
Invalid link text showing fake page
It seems to be a free advertising service.

Therefore, they want to download a new version of the mobile program,
In fact it is Troy. Set up the wrong program and the victim should have it
You can install applications on this device from unknown sources
Natural environment.

Rilka requests the user’s permission to use special features
If access is denied or denied, the user will refuse the request.
The window continues to remove ads.

Once the virus acquires the required rights, it will create a Trojan program
Original SMS request (yes, you can click
Contact service before leaving the service screen).

After infecting the device, malware actively interacts with it.
Use commands and controls and you will receive lots of instructions.

The researchers note that the malware also sends information about the device
IMEI, phone number, country, mobile service provider, phone number
Provides routing operating systems, directories, directories
Check performance and send messages.

Some libraries:

* Get your email address for C&C customers
In addition to the application form, download the information provided on the C&C website
* Find applications that violate the general security of banks / viruses.
* Launch the program using the default SMS
* Find the address of the open phishing site and the program will start

To prevent the disease, researchers advise consumers not to follow the disease
Bad messages will be sent via text message, but install the program in a valid file.
Also think carefully about when setting up.


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