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The true seller of lamp dreams makes it a sin to publish fentanyl on the dark page

darknet The true seller of lamp dreams makes it a sin to publish fentanyl on the dark page
Darknet The true seller of lamp dreams makes it a sin to publish fentanyl on the dark page

SAURARA ST. LUIS is a man from San Diego
on Tuesday he was found guilty of black selling drug fentanyl online
Prosecutors said the crime was written because of drug trafficking.

And Brandon
Arias, 34, admitted he was one of those two people
Account Dream Market, the background of the website is black and present
1,000 fentanyl pills and acetyl fentanyl are sold weekly
In the United States from October 2016 to August 2018, prosecutors said.

Initiate a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court in the U.S. District Court. east St.
distribution of fentanyl to calculate five fentanyl,
they sell counterfeit drugs, illegal drugs.

He is expected to be sentenced in October.

Think anonymously
American attorney Steve Winoft said he uses a darker page
A document declaring sin but contains medicine and money
The real world and our agents always try to connect illegal people
The getaway is hiding in a mesh cap.

The Food and Drug Administration said in a statement
In that statement, government agencies expanded law enforcement operations
Just sell dark drugs online.

Melissa Scanlan, 31, has demanded that Arias be released, on parole, and the trial begins on August 27.

Full statement from the United States

> Today Brendan Aries was convicted in the US District Court for the Southern District of Illinois.
Distribution of fentanyl in the United States from the dark internet. As part of her statement, a 34-year-old woman from Sun
Diego, California, has acknowledged that he is one of two known online addicts.
Poor distribution of fentanyl tablets in the United States from October 2016 to August 2018. ”

Fentanyl is an opioid analgesic that is highly addictive and often fatal.

In January 2019, a federal jury in southern Illinois returned to Arias and his agent.
Melissa Scanlan, permission to distribute fentanyl and illegal distribution of fentanyl are currently for sale (5).
Counterfeit drugs and mismanagement. Arias was arrested in San Diego and first appeared in the Southern Region
Illinois was released on March 12, and the pending trial was arrested.

In a court hearing today, Arias convicted eight people.
Dream Market registers illegal goods and services on the web market. In this connection, Aries
And Scanlan sells a lot of medicine while working at his manicure pharmacy. Aria continues to confess
Fentanyl Scan Lens Estelle Fentanyl is actively involved in the distribution of each tablet.

Search engines and traditional browsers underestimate the dark network.
they seem users to be funny. This crazy light has led to the proliferation of crime scenes in the black Dream
Market market.

Even though the veil of self-esteem is spread through blind networks, participants in illegal activities have long been
Instead of the law. People think they use online anonymously with blacks, but U.S. Attorney Weinhoft said he only uses drugs.
Money is here in the real world, and our supporters have worked hard to get the illegal bankers together.
hidden in woods. U.S. Attorney Weinheft has received special permission for food and drug management
(FDA), a criminal investigation body trying to free the llama in the dark
on the Internet

The opioid crisis has begun, and a powerful opioid producer is also a threatening trend.
As the new FDA CEO, he is gradually improving the effectiveness of the drug by alleviating complications caused by opioids.
Ned Sharpless, M. D. The FDA has strengthened its efforts to sustain new regulatory actions
Unlawfully fraudulent browsing of opioids is a fake and illegal trick, even on the black internet. we have:
Continue to prosecute and bring to justice those who illegally endanger the health and safety of the United States
drinking medicine.

Internet addicts do not offer adequate protection for arrest, reports DEA Special
Review office in St. Louis Kallahan Louis. The men and women of the DEA are lawmakers
It is a great place to look for web servers, looking for friends who distribute poison online.
Great St. Most of St. Louis, where he works.

U.S. Attorney Robert S.J.
Complaints against Mr. Weinfoft in different lines of the Southern California circuit in the U.S.
The difference in them is significant. The defense says some people in the US have been arrested
They are hidden behind something not covered in white, but you
And these criminals are tested in every trial

Arias is expected to be arraigned before East District Court on August 29, 2019. Lewis, Illinois. Images:
This punishment is finalized in court and is subject to U.S. law. Scanlan (31) was introduced
ALL STATES IN THE CITY August 27, 2019 STATES And Jail]. members
Prisoners will remember that all suspects will be released if released from trial.

The lawsuit was part of the FDA’s task force to investigate the Criminal Investigation Bureau, including the drug.
Law Enforlement Administration (DIA), US Call Service Investigation, Ministry of Homeland Security (HIC), USA
National Security and Border Security Center (CPP), US Advocacy Office
USA Attorney The second Attorney in the USA. Prosecutor Derek J. Williams
Lawyers in this regard.


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APT Ke3chang group connected to Okrum’s doors

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