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The World Bank Riltok Trojan focuses his attention on Europe

Updated July 18, 2019

A bank employee who had previously been in charge in Russia
European market is then displayed after some changes.

This change applies to 4 cars
France and Italy, Ukraine and the United Kingdom represent minorities;
In Russia until June 25, even 25%

SMS-distributing devices with anonymous cryptocurrency
Apply for free advertising services in Russia. Victims often agree
Badly linked SMS fights these fake sites
Advertising is free.

Then invite them to download the new mobile app,
Trojan horse: To implement the victim contribution system must create it
Download software from an unknown source to install it
Select Settings.

Liltock asks users to enable special features
Login again if the user declines or refuses the request.
The window resumes indefinitely.

After the virus gets the necessary Trojan permissions install the Trojan
It is a standard SMS client (by clicking on Yes)
Log in to the app before it crashes your device.

When a device is infected, it is fully in contact with it.
Many controllers and controllers are welcome.

The researchers found that the malicious virus sends data to the device
IMEI, telephone number, country, mobile provider,
administrator access, operating system, contact list,
The list will be added to the new SMS.

Malicious software and libraries include:

* Get the addresses of C&C cybersecurity providers
* Get friendly files via the K&C injection site and the standard sanction list
* Search the bank / antivirus / list of other known cafe programs before starting the event link
* Fix the malware in the main SMS application
* Enter the address of the index page that will open during the program.

The workers did not jump to prevent injuries, the researchers said
To connect video via SMS, activate the main user application
Check the capacity provided during installation.


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This led to a cryptocurrency attack by stealing .3 27.3 million from customers

Paxisum has been in prison for about 20 years for his evil trolls