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TheFastPlug / Canna_Bars Forgive drug distribution problems on the dark network

darknet TheFastPlug / Canna_Bars Forgive drug distribution problems on the dark network
Darknet TheFastPlug / Canna_Bars Forgive drug distribution problems on the dark network

Updated on July 1, 201

the sacraments
Californian 22-year-old Robert Ross convicted
Illegal and controlled substances are distributed today
US Lawyer Mark Gregory Scott published the report.

Police dispatch cannabis, according to court documents
Alprazolam (Xanax) Wall Street Market with a merchant account
With TheFastPlug and Kanna_bar Company Account Dream Market.
Street Market and Dream Market walls in the dark
They allow individuals to sell drugs and other harmful products.
Service May 22, 2018 Researchers search for warehouses
D&R bought many weapons, including police and model sales.
Armed style rifles, twelve tons of Colorado and blacksmith exports
Venton.44 Uprising. Couples were present during the study
Previous beliefs have already been caught, especially in 2017
Penalty for the sale / purchase of methamphetamine
It is illegal to own firearms.

This issue has been investigated in the north
This is one of California’s economic stages
Federal National Security Research Service (HSI) Representatives
US Mail Inspection Services
The management NCIDE team is a federal team
Employees turn to black internet and all kinds of cryptography
Operations in the Eastern California region. Help in the USA
Tax Support b. Robiner and Paul Hemesat continues the case.

Poris is due to be sentenced in the United States by March 25
District Judge Kimberly Mu. Muller May Porus will remain in prison
He is waiting for justice. Authorizations have more than 20 legal obligations
Arrest a prisoner and distribute arka payments
Alcohol and drugs up to 10 years in prison
The lake was set on fire, but charged with possession of 2,000 weapons
However, this fact will be determined by a decision
After the court has considered the relevant part of the law
Guidelines for collaborative cases in courts that focus on numbers
That has changed

The case was initiated as part of the Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) project,
The main function of the Ministry of Justice is to reduce violent crime
Effort PSN is a proven program that has proven useful
Reduction of violent crime. As for the different participants in PSN
To work together to identify extremist problems
Better community and clearer answer to solve it. III
As part of the strategy, PSN is making great efforts
Prevent and restore violent criminals and accomplices
A permanent crime reduction program.

The problem was part of a systematic survey of employees in criminal organizations
(OCDITF) was created in 1982 to implement the OCDETF program.
Massive attack on drug trafficking and money laundering
Deafness is the main function of OCDETF
Free, stop and eliminate drug traffic
Both for-profit organizations and fundraising companies are largely responsible
Distribution of drugs in the community.


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