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This led to a cryptocurrency attack by stealing .3 27.3 million from customers

Updated July 18, 2019

Six people were arrested in England and the Netherlands
.3 24 million as a result of thefts, $ 27.3 million

British Cyber Drug Region.
Dutch Police Criminal Investigation Department (SCC RCCU)
(Policy), Europol, Eurojust and the National Anti-Corruption Office (NCA)
After 14 months of investigation, there are 25 media reports

The investigation is based on the case materials:
To harmonize this, a popular online cryptocurrency exchange has been set up
Victims of Bitcoin suitcases also stole money and licenses.

Five men and a woman were arrested during the arrest.
In the morning at home in Charleston, Lower Weston, Sturton.
England, New Zealand, the Netherlands Amsterdam and Rotterdam

It is estimated that it has reached 4,000 out of at least 4,000 countries, but this could have a bigger impact.

In the European press:

> Cybercrime Unit in the southwestern United Kingdom today, Dutch Police (Politics), Europol
[24 arrests after a 14-month investigation into six arrests
Counterfeit money theft
That morning, five men and a woman were arrested in Charleston, Lower Weston, and their residences.
Sturton (UK), Amsterdam to Rotterdam (Netherlands).
It is estimated that there are at least 4,000 victims in the 12 abducted countries.
This number is growing
This review includes writing about a popular cryptocurrency license or replacement
You can go to potential Bitcoin Wallet thieves to steal money and get information.
The case was referred to the European Cybercrime Center.
[And cybercrime
[(J-CAT) Supported by Europol
British authorities have identified a suspect as a New Zealand citizen. AC3 operational support
Starting in February 2018, J-CAT will provide an opportunity to work with international organizations among various members of the
A seminar between the UK and the Netherlands is also being held at the European headquarters.
It collects smiles and leads to the successful arrest of witnesses. Meeting planning
Europeans are preparing for the day of action


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