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Tokyo police in a dark channel based on a mail order in drug circles

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police sent a final order in the mail for the sale of “bad drugs.”

On Feb. 25, police located the cab driver of 45-year-old Gino.
Worker and two friends 230 grams
Bottle of medicine and medicine
His name is Katsuke.

The camera police and restaurant rated it 34,000.

All three were released on bail when arrested for drug and drug policy.

When considering different areas of suspicion
The police found 10 kg of land and water
Over 97 million.

The police also found alcohol
And other products that believe in the success of production
. 500 names are also given.

Medicines are often dangerous drugs
Visual effects can often use different calls. Asbaski
In April 2014, the Ministry of Health expanded the list
Any edge.

From December 2015 to November this year, employment rose by 140 million, according to the police.

Uses a site that is part of Operation Dark to communicate with customers
The Internet is not a search engine for human use
Anonymous. Meeting with customers
A telecommunications service that allows you to delete messages
Your server. The payment made real money.


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