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Tor Browser is finally officially available on Android

Updated July 18, 2019

The new Door Browser (8.5) is now available
Like the first Android port. This is a kind of Alpha
The first test was done in 2018, but this time it was still used
Standard flags can be added.

Browsers who plan to provide simple cryptoscript
There is no information on your smartphone or tablet on your computer
Avoid scrutiny and scrutiny. As part of the desktop
No browser provides security of browser.
Of course, iOS users shouldnt hold their breath for Apple Pal approval

As mentioned earlier, the column is based on seven connection networks
Thousands of relays and routers are connected in a column
Network information on request.
Anonymous users can find this out through the Tornet network
Personal information will not be recognized (IP address, country)
Website visited. The browser has not been searched yet
In Firefox products.

Black is another fact that American Jack should consider
Come directly from the US Security Agency if possible
He made a few flags for Torrent and his portal
Related offenses (weapons, drugs and narcotics)

The free travel site can now be installed Google Play


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