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TOR-VPN connection for Windows users

After a long search, I found a way to connect to TOR-> VPN. It doesnt make sense and you can deny a few things.
Thats how it works and offers options, but currently only Windows users work.
In my previous post on VPN and TOR integration I can see why it is needed.
He wants to and for some reason he doesnt want to.

VPN window
But I cant find a way to contact TPs VPN and let the VPN not know who you are.
If you can’t trust a small VPN using TOR-> VPN, check your VPN name
However, there are more and more people using TOR, there are only about 4,000 retail stores, most of them from external IP
They are marked as spam on popular websites and are used as a general term used by TOR users to send messages
Office sales

I learned that you can use a virtual machine to set up TOR -> VPN, select a virtual box, and use another example
Windows, the ability to use less memory than the current version. You also need to download the TOR Expert and Tortilla on the
Im talking about operating systems. When I did this in a previous post.

Then install Panic on every traffic, tortilla (bridge adapter) that works everywhere.
This method can only be used by Windows users this way, currently Tortilla is only compatible with Windows.
it takes time. Watching videos on YouTube is easy. You can get the right VPN for this purpose.
You can configure VPN if you have an active virtual server in TOR
Select, choose to use OpenVPN
Connect to your Windows host operating system.

Before applying, check your IP address and look for other IP addresses. If all goes well, you have it
Your TOR -> VPN compatible virtual device can download the TOR browser package to add another cover
Turn on the device and find the second line of TOR -> VPN -> TOR Security.
Use the VPN of your operating system, then use Tor Expert Tortilla, then repeat the VPN of the guest operating system and the TOR
browser will provide you with a VPN
-> TOR -> VPN -> TOR I will not advertise you in any way, you have to make a decision, I will just give it to you
Finally, the information you need to make an informed decision will be the best option.
To create a TOR -> VPN, it is necessary to use TOR as a second reservation for the purposes of the above spam filter.
You need to have Internet access to a network gateway, and that’s up to you, and we’ll try to pity you.
For all the reasons mentioned in the previous article, do not use Windows unless you have nothing else
More anonymous than VPN. That I come up with ideas, and to see them flush it out, is really fun.
compatible with Linux distribution.


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Paywall is active in the publishing world, but academic articles are available for free on the Dark Web.