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TrickBot has added new contact information to collect 250 million email addresses

Hackers in the Oyster game behind the data theft software have added a new feature, TrickBot, which helps them collect
Data with 250 million email addresses.

According to Deep Instinct, millions of these titles are related to US government agencies and employees.
as researchers discover new tools and store data. All instructions are: this is the address
The goal of focusing on future TrickBot projects was announced on the site on July 12.
[with malware and the network from Deep Instinct
journalist Shaul Vilkomir-Preisman, with the help of researcher Tom Nipravski.

U.S. government agencies reveal email to TrickBot
The information includes the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Internal Security,
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Director of Public Security, Taxes
Services, House of Representatives, NASA, Post Office and more.
Universities and government agencies vary in the UK and Canada
embedded in databases, including the Department of Defense and the UK
UK Public Health Office.

Make sure you have thousands of email addresses on the Web
As a result of leaks from previous reports, this event occurs
There is a huge new business with unprecedented emails or not
Vilkomir-Preisman mentioned earlier in a blog post.

A detailed feature describes a new segment called the Trickbuster
Disease spread and e-mails. Tricky crop
Investigation and email link from the victim’s address
It can also send spam and mailboxes where the victim is at risk
The numbers are then taken from the mailbox and the waste box.
To hide poor performance.

Some incentives from the institute
Signed by Tavette Consulting and its secure certificates
It was originally published by Medigado
There are different types of laws in the United States.
The teacher said the digital / foot certificate was revoked
Avoid contamination.

After owning a TrickBot, TrickBooster is not the only culture
Not only the list of addresses of the victim, but also his e-mail address
It is reliable and transmits bad information about the K2 computer. like
Data can be sold and sold on dark websites.

In the next phase of work, the server seeks fraud
Use the link to your account to send spam to other email addresses.
This may be aimed at funding or distributing malware.

According to Deep Instant, the malware works fine
It closes its activities by canceling the implementation of the main transformation
Because of the fire, you will lose your safety shame
From, the safest part of malware
Blog post according to the administrator.


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