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Trojan Trojan market will attract Europe

darknet Trojan Trojan market will attract Europe
Darknet Trojan Trojan market will attract Europe

Created July 18, 2019

Trojan Riltock, attacking Russians,
Therefore, it made changes up to its European market.

Malware found its first traffic in the first half
Rating places in France, Italy, Ukraine and the United Kingdom,
According to a June 25 report, 90 percent of Russians have been injured
Page Kaspersky

RILTOK is sent via SMS to the infected program
Free shipping service in Russia. The food is always delicious
A short message about a link to a bad website that points to a false page
It sees a free advertising service.

Then asked to download a new mobile app.
That is great power. Victims must be there to spread it
Allows the app to install apps from unknown sources on the device

Allows Realtok users to use specific features
If the user ignores or denies the request, go to the access server.
The window is still open.

The troops gather as soon as the virus gets enough points
Similar to the regular short message program (right click)
Access the phone before it disappears from the screen).

Poor use can occur when the phone is infected
The server manages and accepts several commands.

Investigators say the body of the program was transferred
IMEI, phone number, country, mobile service, phone,
Access all rights, OS system, contact list, list
Future requests are saved via SMS.

Some features of the Maverware event:

* Obtain an email address from a cyber-damaged site
Get the C&C configuration file using the machine and the list provided
* EBay domain name is software / antivirus / inventory and other popular applications.
* Please set the error as a normal text message
* Get a description of the phishing page while the app is running

Researchers recommend that users use it to prevent infection
Illegal connections are only sent via text message with a request for privacy
See what was approved during installation.


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