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Trump has given the law to help the postal authority stop drug use

darknet Trump has given the law to help the postal authority stop drug use
Darknet Trump has given the law to help the postal authority stop drug use

President Trump signed a timber proposal to fill all existing gaps as a proposal against the opioid crisis in the United States.
A postal service that allows drug users, drug traffickers and drug manufacturers to provide nationally U-forms
The law requires the USPS to provide NICs (AEDs) on foreign packages.
A DEA sent to the United States USA It consists of the name and address of the manufacturer. When signing the invoice
Trump has said he will discuss law enforcement using the appropriate resources he uses to plant drugs.
Ship to USA USA

[This is desirable work
Excessive protection (STOP) [Introduction to the law
Lieutenant Governor Mike Bishop said the law does not allow black chain vendors to exploit existing vulnerabilities.
Therefore, the USPS reduces mortality from an overdose such as fentanyl. Senator Amy Klughar
The authors of the new law say the agency will provide many ways to control access to medicines.
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New legislation requires the USPS to collect AEDs from all international packages by 2021.
Border security and protection are inevitable because the postal service only receives 40% of the total package.
At the end of the year, you can collect 70% of the data if the agency approves the entry, which will be penalized.
International package without DEA in 2021
The law may conform to the State Department’s list in Ada. They need all immigrants
The DEA will be used as a tool to detect illicit drug kits before a package is delivered.
CBP and postal inspection service. The absence of DEA obliges the United States USA To prohibit the access to the parcels in a
defective country.

The law requires American leaders. USA And CBP is working with other law enforcement agencies to develop it.
The technology used to detect drugs entering the United States USA It is sent by mail. The agency should contact them.
Private companies can help by presenting the right idea to develop drug detection technology. Pay for everything
The services provided by CBP and USPS cost $ 1 per package worldwide.

The law was adopted a few days later. USPS-PM has issued a full inspection report.
How does USPS help prevent illicit drugs? According to the report, 92% of the dark Internet markets report
Candidates use USPS because they are sensitive. The report revealed that heavy networks used drugs
Distributors and drug addicts are difficult to identify with the postal service. The report states:
Quetta received AED growth from April 2017 to January 2018
Hold the package.

When an airport arrives in an international country, it is usually delivered to the International Postal Service.
GST agents believe that the Center for Execution and Verification of Packages (ISC) is involved.
This is illegal. When the GST filtering process is complete, all suspicious packets are sent through the dock
Services: The presence of an AED provided by the USDP through GDP facilitates the delivery of agency packages.
The drug is illegal because the agency has reliable and one-sided information.

A USPS spokesman backed the deal, saying it would include a DAE fee.
Priority: The other party, Heimer, said that after the USPS passed the congressional bill, the agency had something to do with
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