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Trump has passed a law that will help the postal service to stop the drug trade

darknet Trump has passed a law that will help the postal service to stop the drug trade
Darknet Trump has passed a law that will help the postal service to stop the drug trade

President Trump signs legislation to combat opium crisis in the United States
The U.S. Postal Service allows buyers, sellers and manufacturers to ship medicines to the country. They are
According to the law, USPS uses international packages
AEDs are sent to the USA indicating the person’s name, address, and mailing address. When signing the account
Trump said the project will provide resources to stop dead chemicals.
It will not increase in America.

[Synthetics and Marketing
Violence Prevention (STOP) [Face Act
Representative Mike Bishop believes the law will ban the use of soft tags on their websites.
USPS: As a result, it has helped reduce the life expectancy by lowering the fentanyl dosage. Senate Amy Kloppuchar
The author, who is conducting the investigation, said the new law provides agencies with more tools to prevent drug trafficking.
Mail to the United States.

The new rule is required by the USPS to sum up the NPP at all international levels before 2021, after the AED is released.
Duty and border protection. The post will only make up 40% of the additional funding for future AEDs, so to speak
As of the end of this year, 70% of the data had been collected. If approved, the authority will be funded
International program without program until 2021.
The law requires foreign treaties whereby the authorities demand Dubai from all countries.
Before shipping packages. AED is used as a way of detecting bad packaging
Customs and border security and postal inspections. The absence of AEDs compels the United States to ban the registration of
packages in countries where it is not possible

The law requires the development of Saudi Arabia’s leaders and the army, along with heads of other organizations.
The technology used to detect imported drugs in the United States by mail. The office also needs to be monitored
Private companies help them understand the development of technological advances. C. everyone
CBP and USPS service charge $ 1 for international package.

U.S.A.P. A few days after the Inspector General issued an inspection report, a law came into force, which is explained in detail.
USPP Directly distributing illegal drugs. According to the report, 92% of black sites provided the site
The complainant explained that the router used USPS because it felt more secure. The message confirms the use of the black
Pharmacists and customers have difficulty finding postal services. It depends on the report
From April 2017 to January 2018, the number of groups will increase
The packages have moved.

When the international team arrives at the airport, the postal service often provides international services.
CBP officials exercise their right to suspect the opening and inspection of the box (ICC).
Things that are illegal. All unspecified votes will be mailed by post-election deadline.
Seriously. The availability of IEDs provided by UPS CBP makes it easy for agencies to distribute containers
There is no doubt that the agency will use illegal drugs.

We now have the USPP. The speaker said he would also support the adoption of the IED.
Earlier, after the introduction of UPS into Congress, Dave Panehair passed the law, stating that the agency had passed.
The mail system does everything to ensure this and at the same time provides quality services.


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