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Trump has passed a law to help post offices curb drug trafficking

darknet Trump has passed a law to help post offices curb drug trafficking
Darknet Trump has passed a law to help post offices curb drug trafficking

In his call to end the opioid crisis in the United States, President Trump signed a law to fill the gaps in the United States.
The U.S. Postal Service allows dealers, retailers and drug manufacturers to bring drugs to the state.
The law requires the USPS to receive international electronic packages (DEAs) in advance in international packages.
AEDs sent to the United States include the sender’s and recipient’s addresses. When you sign the law
Trump says he will provide law enforcement with the materials needed to stop destructive drugs.
Delivery to the USA.

[Synthetic materials and
Excessive Prevention (STOP) [law enforcement
Spokesman Mike Bishop believes the law will ban the use of vulnerabilities by website providers on black sites
USPS. As a result, it helps reduce mortality due to synthetic drugs such as fentanyl. Senator Amy Klugar
The co-author of the bill notes that the new law introduces additional tools to prevent organizations from joining the EU.
American Post.

New law requires ARDs to be collected by 2021 for all future international parcels after USPS ARP delivery
Protect yourself and your limitations. This should be done because 40% of incoming packets receive an AED
At the end of the year 70% of the data. If access to the group is allowed, you will be fined
International package without AED until 2021.
The law encourages foreign strike agreements to be provided to all ARD participants
Packing before shipping. The DEA then uses the EU to search for packages containing harmful drugs
CBP inspection and postal service. The lack of an AED is forcing the United States to withdraw the parcels

Another law requires USPS and CBP executives to work with other law enforcement
Technology used to detect illicit drugs coming to the United States by mail. Agencies must achieve this goal
Help private companies provide accurate information on the development of drug testing technology. To make everyone happy
Services provided by CBP and USPS for $ 1 per international package.

The law was adopted a few days after the USPS auditor’s statement
How does USPS help distribute illegal drugs? According to the report, 92% of internet marketers
USPS is insecure because it is sent as usual. The report determined the use of the dark drug network
It is difficult to find drug traffickers and users and postal service. The report shows:
The number of cooperatives increased from April 2017 to January 2018.
He seized the package.

When international parcels arrive at the airport, they usually board the International Postal Service.
Central (ISC) representatives, CPPs, exercise the right to open and open packages
After the Haram product CPB scanning process is complete, all packages will undoubtedly be available.
The AED version of the USB-CPB service makes it easy to receive advertising packages
There is no doubt that pharmaceutical companies are working with reliable information.

The USPS spokesperson said that it currently supports the allowable fee and that the AEDs are not collected yet.
Cantona. Dave Bartenheimer spoke on behalf of the USPS after the congressional approval and said the organization was being
It tries to protect the mail system by providing quality service.


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