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Two Florida men were arrested on loan to a bank from a dark chain.

Two people were arrested following a bank robbery in the Hernando area.
The sheriff’s office said so

Why William Brown (40) abused fraud
With the theft of Stevenson Larry, 42 “fraudulent checks” and “criminal violence”
Identity theft I receive a stolen driving license or identity document

The authorities said further information was obtained on the victims of the numerous vehicles in custody.
Detention time between authors, 10 driving licenses, including photographs of suspects and victims
Personal informations. Other future projects

As bank officials they were identified by the Economic Crime Division on November 1st.
Brown opens a fake bank account Brown uses a fake license with a photo and ID.
The victim of Brown’s anonymity transferred $ 5,000 directly to the newly created account.

Direct investment research has proven to be a return on investment of another 8,000,000.
Local address. The money was earmarked using all available funds in Brian’s bank account.

He said that if the government puts the top lender, the pressure will affect the police business.
In addition, Stevenson was seeking $ 5,000. The donors are looking for their owner
It is believed that there are several reasons for the use of fraud in personal information. It’s over
Authorities say investigators will arrive soon if they think he is the driver of the scam

While investigators were waiting, Brunon dropped his Lincoln car into a passenger seat with Stevenson in 2017. Bronson pulled out
While standing on the fence, wait for the smoke in the market

Brown and Stevenson were arrested at the same time as Lincoln’s vehicle, police said.

During the interview, detectives said they had fake driver’s licenses from Brown and Stevens.
Personally disclosed information in a dark network.


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Two shirts have been arrested for ordering a high-quality smartphone with stolen network credentials.

darknet The three mothers also offer separate checks via coupons purchased from Darknet

The three mothers also offer separate checks via coupons purchased from Darknet