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Two people have been arrested in Florida for obtaining information from the black internet and lending money to banks

Two people visit Hernando County Accounts Office after the arrest of a journalist
He said office fees.

William Brown, 40, was charged with aggravated assault.
And a major theft. Leroy Darwin Stevenson, 45, was charged.
Obtain stolen identity and SIM card or ID card information.

The presenter said they received information from another person inside the seized car.
Time of his arrest. Among the ten requests – driver’s license, espionage and photos of the victim
Human knowledge. The balance must be paid.

Medswiti claimed that on November 1, Brennan Bank staff informed the finance department that the man had later been identified.
Brown opened a fake bank account. Brown applied for a SIM card with his photo and photo.
The identity of the victim is unknown. Brown deposited 5,000 directly into the department’s account.

A direct check deposit indicates that the deposit is for a $ 8000 loan received from another
Local credit institutions. The loan was obtained with the same victim data as noted in Branen’s bank account.

Additional Members approached the originator of the loan, and employees of the financial institution explained a similar loan
$ 5,000 from someone Stevenson later identified. The bank has officers
The loan application was found to be fraudulent and the other mistakenly took the victim’s personal information. i
A police officer told police that the wrong driver was with the applicant
Let’s go.

While detectives went inside, Brown stepped into the 2017 limousine limousine passenger seat with Stevenson. Brown fired
The credit institution Brown is all over the car park.

The sheriff’s secret police said they took Brown and Stevenson and a limousine at the same time in Lincoln.

During the interview, investigators discovered that Brandon and Stevenson had fake driver’s licenses.
Personal information can be found on the Black Network.


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