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Use Tor as a Socks5 proxy for IRC networks

darknet Use Tor as a Socks5 proxy for IRC networks
Darknet Use Tor as a Socks5 proxy for IRC networks

Updated July 1, 201

Tor is a network that uses communication between colleagues. Relationships from one person to another are very secretive.
Not only that, they allow people to enter the site without tagging anyone, but they also allow people to code themselves.
Daily Internet Connection I focus on an important part of training to connect to the IRC network through the IG Tour.
(If you want to use the tour for everything, follow us here)
It describes from beginning to end if you only learn what black is.

The first thing you need is a new version of the trip through your website.
Create and extract files that you can open and move files where you can easily open them.
Put all the files in a folder on my desktop so I can always do that. To make easier
Follow our simple installation instructions.

When Tor is complete, you will see four folders and files started in Tor Browser.xg. Everything you need to do
Download Rover Rover Tour.xe. You take care of all the presentations, your life becomes real.
Just because it’s the last time you act. Once you have accepted these offers, you are most welcome.
A good website says you are ready to use the door and you are ready to go! Click on the Tourve Test Network.
This step is optional for the dual control settings button. But you have to find Ninja S with a point of justification.
Display it, click and select the button to close the global script. It saves you from the trap.
While surfing the internet

Well the Tor browser is working. Open the Tor Browser for more activity. If closed
Time, connection is closed. In this case, I use the IRC Hexasat client. Starts searching for IRC server
You can, but a simple search on the index page leads to the result. So you need a hexchat or arm opening
Go to the client and the IRC settings or your desired site. You must access the network from this list
And / or part of the broker.

irc hexchat [Proxy must be specified in this list
Connection settings In this case, the hostname must be or localhost. Or it will work
Port 9150 must be established. Sox type 5. Set. Finally, you need to set Use Use Proxy to do this.
If all connections are canceled, the IRC client will connect to port 9150 on the IRC server via the Sox 5 proxy.
On all IRC connections, all connections are encrypted. When everything is embedded, click OK.

irc hexchat [All you have to do is connect to the server
Log in, select your username and other personal settings based on SSL personal selection
Advantage – benefit – profit – benefit. And that’s it! You connect to the IRC server with all the benefits of Tor encryption! and
Not currently used in IRC. It can be used in Firefox, Chrome, Pidgin or similar
Connect FTP, kits and more!


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