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Wannacry So do you feel safe in a safe?

darknet Wannacry So do you feel safe in a safe?
Darknet Wannacry So do you feel safe in a safe?

Updated July 1, 201

A new NRSMiner malware sharing policy in Asia was recently released and updated the NRSMiner version.
Or extend a new system with EternBlue. EternV was stolen from real estate,
It is also open to the public and responsible for the outbreak of VannaCri and NotPetie, which will damage the company in 201.
Today, almost two
Years later, they used to distribute malicious code on patches that could not handle the patch.

VannaCris loss alone
At about one million dollars, a pension is a serious threat.
The challenges of innovation are often criticized as more than 57% can.
Errors can be associated with a system you are not using. Alas!
Some of the organization’s risks and problems have been solved
The final check depends on the delay in execution. This is a common problem
Memories – user views and no tags; that
People are not ready. And sometimes it is necessary to follow the guard’s instructions
For example, some organizations may follow% 0 within a few days.
It is true that the problem is the problem. IT teams should be able to work
Be fast and secure. Ask for some help, protection and benefits
By using the military, you can reduce the time you spend on security products.

However, identification has a high risk
This is not a small decision on how to better understand the law
How does it work? Instead, it should be seen as a life force
After mixing. He will have no other good
The risks they face. There is a need to balance safety, risk and success
Emphasize the organization’s vision and results. Join the organization again
The operating systems help the company perform better and more efficiently
Protection against growth and change.

So a simple organization will trust you
Cybercrime, downtime and more
Other interventions. Unfortunately, our research shows that he is over 80% old.
The CIO and CISO agree to implement major changes and require a high level of accountability
They can reach. Because universal
Failure to provide security will result in Saina attacks such as Vanakri
His team has to show that they can be trusted
Visual Impressions – Intellectual Property Protection, Monitoring and Damage Time
Skin healing

Here are five steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation
Organizations can take steps to prevent the following attacks.

1. Identify barriers in your organization. They
Security and IT teams work together,
All the details? If not here’s a new product just for you!
Where are the leaves?
Find out where you are
You will be asked how the hoarding can be used or utilized.
Can you give feedback from your network? Depends on your answer
Your natural state or personal information
Did you meet last week
3. Remove the parts
The relationship between security and operational solutions
All these groups have been deleted
Use of multiple tools is useless
Put together Secure your work by linking to websites
Security measures reduce the risk of confusion and allow for immediate action
Stop direct attacks.
Destroys infrastructure
The real problem is WannaCry
Application issues for the development environment
Old plan if this is a company that has secret requests
Past plans and opportunities need to continue today
Think again
5. Train employees in different ways
It is generally believed that 83% of software components come from employees.
Click on the wrong link, open the virus link or visit
Where it hurts. Employees invest in general education
Protecting yourself from terrorist attacks is your first defense.

The size of WannaCry or NotPetya creates security issues
Some activities can harm your business. How
The group is trying to create a strong security culture
Easy to use business, IT skills and security are very important
Shopping day to provide vision and control
In all respects, this can prevent problems
Immediate response to technical failure
Web security


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