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Wannacry So do you think you’re safe from Wannacry?

darknet Wannacry So do you think you're safe from Wannacry?
Darknet Wannacry So do you think you're safe from Wannacry?

July 18, 2019 update

Newer versions of NRS miners have recently been actively working to spread malware in Asia and update existing NRS miner
Or use EternalBlue to distribute your new system. EternalBlue is the operator who stole Shadow Brokers
She was released to the public in 2017 and was responsible for the outbreak of Anna Not Petya by WannaCry in 2017. This has
affected the company. There are two today
Years later, it is still used to distribute malicious software to boot systems.

All losses will be borne by WannaCry only
Ransom, estimated at $4 billion, remains a common threat.
Repair problems often occur in 57% or more.
The violation may be related to a partially unrelated system. Unfortunately
There are several ways organizations can use risk and compliance solutions to solve problems
Endpoint management is based on an old, slow-moving architecture. This is a common phenomenon
Finding large numbers and finding this method can be difficult and time consuming.
Non-standard endpoint. May need to complete successfully
Some organizations aim to reach 80% in 90 days.
Clear fixes are the cause of many differences. IT teams need to know how to work
Fast and reliable. Provides a low, safe and effective touch
Bald strategies help reduce the time needed to implement security measures

If the risk of repair is high,
You don’t want to get frustrated if you don’t get the right tone, so invest in a good master.
How does it work? This should be considered a way to float.
Before intervention. The company can no longer forget the scope
Threatening in front of them! Safety, risk and activities need to be coordinated.
Team visibility is improved and work is faster. With the team
This process helps companies in this matter more efficiently.
Continuous growth and change.

It is based on a thin body
People, processes and technologies are evolving rapidly through cyber attacks, intrusions and
Other forms of violence. Unfortunately, our study shows more than 80%.
The CIA and CIA have agreed to suspend enlargement due to conflicts.
In terms of impact on businesses. International
Internet attacks such as WannaCry do not clean up properly,
Agencies need to make sure they follow what they agree with
Tactical factors – protects core assets, control impacts and
Spontaneous recovery

The logo avoids future risks, here are five steps
Groups can now take steps to prevent tracking attacks:

1. Evaluate your organizational problems. they are
Security teams and IT teams working with someone
Working data? If not, where are the harvest sites and how do they occur?
Answer it?
2. Find out more about your location
Ask how many ideas are captured
Can you answer online? This will be based on your answer
General terms and conditions in your area or general terms and conditions of the information you provide
Collected a week ago?
3. Remove the components
Information technology solutions Security and performance solutions
This group is of course in many groups, that’s all
It is not possible to take so many steps
Integrate it to make your organization more stable
Safety features to minimize the risk of injury and facilitate rapid recovery
Fix to stop attacks
4. Understand your infrastructure: One
Problems with WannaCry
The burden of modernizing operating systems in a production environment
Requirements requirements The company will provide immediately
It requires another operation to survive
Change of mind
5. Teach your slaves: diversity
If an employee enters, approximately 83% of the ransom will occur.
Click on the wrong connection, open an infected connection, or visit
There is a dangerous network of staff training on the budget
Your first line of defense should be to prevent magic attacks.

Many security events are the same in WannaCry or NotPetya
In some cases, these can be illegal traps. as such
The organization strives to build a strong security culture that supports them
L is inevitable in business, IT performance and security
Views and controls combine visual levels
Most computer equipment. They can control it
Fast technical challenge or fast adaptation and sensitivity
Risk online.


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