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Welcome to the world’s largest child pornography. Parents are suing children in the United States

Updated 620, 2020

The producer of the Children’s World Film said he would receive more penalties than the United States and South Korea.
Where there is tremendous pain.

Father of a twenty-four-year-old child
Jung-u arrives, the runner welcomes the site
The court and the justice department argued that this would happen.
The boy will be identified as approximately 50 years old
He was imprisoned in the United States for many years.

The Seoul Supreme Court will issue a ruling on the dismissal of the boy in late June.

The US Department of Justice last year called for an extension. USA
The indictment was issued in nine cases, including the Grand Jury Act.
Also publishing, advertising and distribution of child pornography
Gossip and money laundering.

Under two U.S. laws, a boy can only be charged with distributing money.

We sincerely apologize to the victims in Korea and abroad
(Son of the criminal), his father wrote about the lawsuit.

I want the security of Korean citizens to be strengthened
(Korean) Guilty of illegal money
Great punishment in Korea.

The father wrote that he had no son
Learn about serious cybercrime or potential penalties
He left because he was leaving high school.

Then the kids
He was sentenced Monday to 18 months in prison for selling child pornography
The magistrate guards the courtroom

The web has over 250,000 videos
With all eight tabs, it becomes more user-friendly
Torture and content in the concept of US justice


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