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What about the BitBazaar ad? Are you jealous or did you?

The low bitcoin market is currently facing an uncertain situation. Five users panicked five days ago
He began to complain that they could not go to the mall. It is therefore natural for users not to enter the market
Many users often find errors in registering 502 after captcha ddos.

A few days later, the situation worsened when the seller claimed that the supplier’s bill no longer had a username.
It cannot be shared, but with all your products, even products are always on the list. No more; There will be no more; Not
A merchant called Sankhara called on the seller to stay away from the market and get rid of bitcoins as soon as possible to
control them.
Access to sales and investment plans. And he said,

> If possible, notify all sellers of BitBazaar to remove or delete the list.
These days they pack their bags and bags, and that doesn’t help the bill because they are just closing.
And so on.

Today I saw that some of the other vendors have similar problems, so they basically started.

Don’t buy NT for all our customers and don’t buy BitBazaar Marketplace shop.

How are you!

After receiving numerous complaints and responses from Pitbazar (usually within one day).
Circumstances are certain. The product is designed to be misleading and our users can send more notifications to our users
No good deeds.

There is no danger along the way
Yesterday in recent months we received information about a self-service hacking product, where it claims to outperform cheap
Woolen leather and stolen bitcoins by 170K. He took full responsibility of the hacker and said it
When you broke the product a second time and stole bitcoins, why did the bitcoin administration decide to cover your product?
Take the yield before you hit it again.

However, we cannot prove our case because he challenged us that we did not provide enough evidence to prove it.
On the other hand, the market appeared in Bitcoin on an obscure rich market website, where he said that authorities removed all
They, the UN, disability and disability were posted on the committees website yesterday. I said:


I am free for Bitcoin, yesterday the editor said that it was updated, but today:

All idiots were destroyed.
Manager information deleted
Beatsk not working
Builders cannot be added to the board.
Repeat the home page.
Support does not work.

As you know, BB is broken.
Regardless, I know the amount stolen by the doctor was 170. Authorities have not released the BB package.
Below is 4 CT, but the monster is out to make it clear they lost more than 4te.
He said the money was for hackers.

It said yesterday that if I pay for the upgrade, it will take six hours as we continue our download process
In fact, at 19:00 UTC, all the necessary benefits were completed.
Im sure the journalist yesterday was the owner of the BBC program.

From 19:00 TC.

I don’t think that LE is due to lack of secrecy.

Who knows.

Do not use it

Ex-mod on BB

The questions are LAN ZANNGEHA
When it was announced that they had been arrested under German law, there were several ideas about the suspension of the minimum
Fitnes. We talked to him, he said he liked bitcoin trading and was a good friend of the manager.
He also said he was in regular conversation with a senior cell phone operator called Moshen.

There are moments when people are exposed to fake news called Bitbazar, but that’s not enough. This is normal
When board members took control of the market, they added an improved blog to the site to tell users about the process, but they
Occurs in the Bitbazar market.

We don’t know what happened to the young cats. Or whether corruption is regulated or not, it is clearly harmful.
Stealing or following market rules. But one thing is clear, everything
Their money


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